Visit the museums of Le Mans

Visit the museums of Le Mans

With its Gallo-Roman fortifications, medieval and Renaissance heart, and magnificent Gothic cathedral, there is no doubt that Le Mans is rich in history. The city also has several museums that offer fascinating exhibitions accessible to all. Here are some that we have selected to make your stay at the Hotel Le Mans Country Club even better.


Titans of the prehistoric world

A current exhibition designed to appeal to children as well as adults deals with those titans of the prehistoric world, dinosaurs. Giants, at the Time of the Dinosaurs is a temporary exhibition presented at the Musée Vert until July 31st, 2024. It recreates the environment of Sarthe in the distant past and gives you the opportunity to see the impressive elasmosaur fossil found in Saint- Rémy-du-Val in 1864. Fossils, reconstructions and explanatory labels take you back 165 million years, and if you wish to learn more, you can opt for a guided tour.


Travel back in time

The Musée de Tessé, which opened in 1799, is one of the oldest museums in France and is particularly noted for its astonishing Egyptian gallery. There, you can venture into life-size authentic reconstructions of the tombs of Egyptian royalty and aristocracy. A brand new audioguide programme has been created to accompany and inform you throughout the visit. Finally, be sure to visit the Musée Jean-Claude Boulard – Carré Plantagenêt for its superb medieval collections. Guided tours on the theme of stonework in the Middle Ages and, specifically, the Gallo-Roman fortifications of the city are currently offered. Each facet of the craft of masonry is demonstrated using unique pieces.


A stay at the Hotel Le Mans Country Club allows you access to the best of Sarthe, from the quiet beauty of its small villages and the variety of its landscapes to the cultural richness of the Le Mans museums. Several exhibitions are currently underway, don’t miss them!


Musée Vert
Musée de Tessé​
Musée Jean-Claude Boulard

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