There is always something exciting happening in the Sarthe!

There is always something exciting happening in the Sarthe!

Winter is drawing to a close and spring is beginning to announce itself in a thousand ways in the Sarthe countryside. Why not take advantage of the awakening month of March to discover the city of Le Mans and its beautiful region with its rich natural and cultural heritage. Here are some activities you might enjoy during your break at the Hotel Le Mans Country Club.


Activities for the whole family

The Conservatoire à Rayonnement Départemental of Le Mans invites you to join their parent-child workshops. There, in small groups, you forge a strong bond around expression and creativity. Awaken the inspiration of the little ones and treat yourself to a particularly precious shared experience. In a completely different spirit, why not escape to the Château de Montmirail? This magnificent medieval fortress redesigned by the daughter of Louis XIV, the Princess of Conti, is revealed during visits by candlelight, making everything take on a dreamlike and magical feel!


Nature and laughter

Pescheray Zoo is unlike any other. The animals, mostly mammals and birds from Europe but also some from various other parts of the world, live in semi-freedom in vast enclosures that you can enter. The place is a verdant haven and a treasure of biodiversity. Finally, the Antarès cultural and sports space in Le Mans offers you an exceptional event on March 2nd, 2023. Ines Reg will take centre stage with her hilarious and incisive stand-up show. In this convivial venue, you can relax and appreciate all the facets of a comedian who, while dynamiting the major themes of everyday life, brings to her observations a charming touch of emotion. Remember to book your seats quickly!


The Hotel Le Mans Country Club invites you to discover a beautiful region where activities abound. With nature, culture, laughter, and more you will be spoiled for choice to fill your weekends in March!


Photo: joopzandbergen

Hotel le Mans Country Club, a 4 star hotel - restaurant located at 15 minutes from Mans

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