The Spaycific Zoo, a family experience

The Spaycific Zoo, a family experience

A stay at Le Mans Country Club offers plenty of relaxation amidst the beauty of nature, just ten minutes from Le Mans. But, to make your holiday even more nature-oriented, we invite you to visit the Spaycific Zoo for a family outing that will fascinate young and old alike.

The Spaycific is a zoo like no other

You’ll be pleased to hear that at the Spaycific Zoo you won’t see any depressing sights such as lions behind bars or caged monkeys. The Spaycific spirit is something very different. This is in large part because the designers of the zoo took great care to recreate the natural environments of the animals, so that this is a place of wetlands, lakes, ponds, woodlands and meadows. The fascinating creatures who live here can thus interact with the local fauna and flora. A visit takes the form of a beautiful walk in nature, to which is added the pleasure of finding animals engaged in very natural activities in surroundings in which they feel at home.

Amazing species

Are you familiar with the Central American agouti, the axolotl, the green-winged superb starling, or the douroucouli? We could continue this list for a long time as the Spaycific Zoo is home to many examples of scarce and little-known species from various parts of the world. The zoo is designed to be easily accessible and fun for the little ones, while remaining fascinatingly enlightening for adults, giving the whole family a glimpse into our world’s fantastic biodiversity. Visitors are also encouraged to get up close and personal with the animals by coming into direct contact and feeding them by hand.

The Spaycific Zoo is a must-visit family outing destination. A wonderful surprise situated on a beautiful fifteen-acre site just 20 minutes from your Hotel Le Mans Country Club.


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