The perfect family day out at Papéa Parc

The perfect family day out at Papéa Parc

Le Mans is full of fascinating attractions such as its well-preserved Gallo-Roman wall, its cathedral and its many fine old half-timbered houses. However, if you happen to be staying at Le Mans Country Club with your family, you’ll want to have a day out somewhere that provides plenty to keep your young ones happy. Head to Papéa Parc and enjoy fun and magical moments for young and old alike.


Papéa Parc; 40 attractions and much more

Every year at the beginning of spring, Papéa Parc opens its gates for the new season. This year, the date to remember is April 11th! Opened in 1971, Papéa Parc is the largest amusement park in the Pays de la Loire region. Although it boasts plenty of activities, it remains on a pleasingly human scale and is very popular with families for its friendly and relaxed atmosphere. The park has around 40 attractions, including rides for the little ones, a log flume, a pendulum ride, mini roller coasters, a caterpillar, slides, a carousel and much more! In addition to all this, Papéa also offers a circus show, a mini farm, an aviary and there’s even a small waterpark that’s perfect when you want to cool off on hot summer days.


A day in the countryside close to Le Mans

The amusement park is a lot of fun. However, it also has some beautiful wooded areas where mum and dad can take it easy and enjoy a picnic when the kids have worn them out. Or there’s the option of taking a pedal boat out on the park’s lake for some serene relaxation. Tired but happy at the end of the day, you’ll be pleased to know that it will only take you fifteen minutes to get back to Le Mans Country Club and the comfort of your room.



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