The magic of the Night of the Chimeras

The magic of the Night of the Chimeras

Every summer, your Hotel Le Mans Country Club team can heartily recommend an event full of charm and magic: the Nuit des Chimères (Night of the Chimeras). Discover the Cité Plantagenêt during your stay, along with the most beautiful monuments of the Le Mans, splashed with light and colour at nightfall. And, this year, new surprises await you.


The illuminated Cité Plantagenêt

In the historic heart of Le Mans, you can find the old town, the Cité Plantagenêt, where time seems to have stood still. Along the medieval pedestrianised streets stand magnificent monuments such as the Cathedral of Saint-Julien with its spectacular flying buttresses and stone lace apse; the Musée de la Reine Bérengère, a museum of ethnography and local history installed in a 15th century half-timbered building; and the beautifully preserved Saint-Hilaire Gallo-Roman wall where you half expect to see archers appear to repel invaders. It is this timeless setting that is highlighted every evening through the summer until September 12th.


Innovative shows of light and colour

These wonderful old buildings are the screens on which projections of light and colour create scenes and tell exciting tales of the history of the city. This summer, the walls are hosting an original short film dedicated to the Fables de la Fontaine, commemorating the 400th anniversary of the birth of the great fabulist, Jean de la Fontaine. Photographer Philippe Echaroux, who touched the hearts of the whole city last summer by projecting portraits of caregivers and heroes of the pandemic, was asked to work his magic again. This year, he presents around twenty anonymous portraits of the people of Le Mans, projected into the trees. The effect is simply enchanting!

Stroll the streets of Le Mans by night at your own pace and immerse yourself in the magic of colours and light. The Nuit des Chimères is a wonderful event combining artistry, charm and technical prowess.



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Photo : © Mila Simakova

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