The Iconic Automobile Event

The Iconic Automobile Event "Les Cinq et Deux Litres du Mans"

Le Mans, renowned for its legendary car races, is the perfect destination for automotive enthusiasts. This year, Hôtel Le Mans Country Club invites speed and history enthusiasts to experience a unique event, "Les Cinq et Deux Litres du Mans," scheduled for April 28, 2024.

All About the Event

"Les Cinq et Deux Litres du Mans" is a true celebration of automotive history, showcasing iconic cars that have left their mark on circuits worldwide. This event is the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts to discover or rediscover mythical models, the racing machines that have written glorious pages in the history of motorsports.

Your Ideal Base

Located in the heart of the Pays de la Loire region, Hôtel Le Mans Country Club offers an exceptional setting to fully enjoy this major automotive event. Nestled in a green haven, this prestigious establishment combines comfort, luxury, and refinement for an unforgettable stay.

Moreover, Hôtel Le Mans Country Club is ideally situated near the circuit, providing easy and quick access to the event. Guests can thus fully immerse themselves in every moment of this unique experience without logistical constraints.

After an intense day at the circuit, guests can rejuvenate in a peaceful and green environment, enjoying the hotel's high-end facilities such as the spa, golf course, or the gastronomic delights offered by the restaurant.

Whether you are a motorsport enthusiast or simply seeking a luxurious getaway in an enchanting setting, Hôtel Le Mans Country Club will meet all your expectations during the "Les Cinq et Deux Litres du Mans" event. Book your stay now and get ready to experience intense emotions in the heart of the legendary city of Le Mans.


Hotel le Mans Country Club, a 4 star hotel - restaurant located at 15 minutes from Mans

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