Plastic Odyssey, an exhibition on environmental issues

Plastic Odyssey, an exhibition on environmental issues

Le Mans hosts an exciting exhibition devoted to plastic and the environmental issues it represents. The approach and the content, both specific and general, are fascinating, and the way it raises awareness is certainly important. Your Hotel Le Mans Country Club team recommends Plastic Odyssey!

A great Le Mans synergy

The Plastic Odyssey exhibition is the result of a collaboration between three renowned Le Mans institutions: the Pôle Culture Scientifique, the Institut des Molécules et des Matériaux du Mans (IMMM) and the Espaces et Sociétés laboratory. They came together to reflect on the issues generated by plastic and were invited to present the fruits of their collaboration at the Fabrique-Rêves (Dream Factory). This is a particularly suitable venue for this exhibition as it is designed to be a centre of information and exchange on issues pertaining to the sustainable development of the area, urban planning and landscape. 


The plastics problem viewed through four ecosystems

To fully understand the problem of plastics, the creators of this exhibition have chosen to focus on four ecosystems: the research laboratory, the urban environment, rivers and oceans. By moving from one to the other, you will discover the secrets of the composition of plastics and their circulation through each environment as well as the challenges that this represents. How plastics have become an integral part of our daily lives and the ways in which we collect and recycle them are also examined. The exhibition is an enlightening combination of very specific scientific data and large-scale societal questions.


Less than twenty minutes by car from the Hotel Le Mans Country Club, the Fabrique-Rêves and prestigious scientific institutions of Le Mans offer an exciting and illuminating odyssey into the world of plastics. Informative but never sanctimonious, it sheds light on one of the greatest challenges of our time...



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Photo : Le Mans Université

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