Make the summer last on the Vélobuissonnière

Make the summer last on the Vélobuissonnière

The temperature grows milder, and the trees are starting to show their mellow autumnal hues. It's the perfect time to get in the saddle and explore our beautiful region by bike. From short rides to journeys lasting several days, there’s plenty of options. Today, the Hotel Le Mans Country Club team presents an essential and easy to follow cycle route: the Vélobuissonnière.


250 km of picturesque splendour

Between Normandy and the Pays de Loire, from Alençon to Saumur, via Le Mans, you can follow the Vélobuissonnière route, the old V44. You don’t need maps, compasses and topoguides, as you’ll be guided by the signs marking out the route. In addition to providing the essential practical information, they offer a wealth of knowledge about the natural and architectural heritage, the history and the landscape along the way. Take on this easy and fascinating route at your own pace.


Along the way

Follow the Vélobuissonnière from Alençon, where the exquisite lace of the same name is traditionally made, to arrive on the banks of the Loire, amidst vineyards and châteaux. Along the way, you can admire the magnificent valleys of the Alpes Mancelles, the gentle landscapes of the Sarthe, the beauty of the Cité Plantagenêt and the impressive earthenware workshops of Malicorne. Stop to explore typical villages where half-timbered houses alternate with freestone buildings. Along the way you can enjoy animal parks and leisure parks, such as Papéa Parc or L'Arche de la Nature, or take a swim at one of the Sarthe water sports centres.


The Sarthe can be discovered by bike thanks to the Vélobuissonnière, which offers a fabulous experience for cyclists. Treat yourself to a holiday that combines sport, heritage, nature and leisure and then recover from your adventure-filled days in the magnificent, wooded park of the Hotel Le Mans Country Club.


Photo: fotogestoeber

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