La Visitation; the second life of a jewel of Le Mans heritage

La Visitation; the second life of a jewel of Le Mans heritage

For a delightful escape from the cares of everyday life, come and recharge your batteries in the warm setting of our rooms and suites. Our four-star hotel, established in a beautiful 17th century hunting lodge, welcomes you in the heart of a vast country park filled with hundred-year-old trees. What’s more, our location just 5 minutes from Le Mans means that you’re close to the city’s various attractions, including La Visitation. This centuries-old building has recently been given a facelift, becoming a commercial and cultural space.


La Visitation; an old church becomes a multipurpose space

La Visitation has played various roles during its long history. Built in the 1630s, it was originally a convent’s place of worship; the Church of the Visitation. It then became a civil and criminal courthouse, and lastly a prison until 2010. Since September 4th, after more than 4 years of renovation work, the venerable old building now boasts numerous restaurants, bars, terraces, shops... and even a garden centre. Its transformation is not yet complete, however, as it will also host a contemporary art centre and a performance hall by 2021.


A quick overview of the various businesses situated in La Visitation

The building is full of history and memories, offering a unique experience. How about sipping coffee in the old cells where prisoners once languished, or strolling the forecourt formerly used by the Visitandine nuns? There is now a range of shops such as Le Jardin de Christophe Alleton, dealing in floral creations and A Contre Sens, specialising in craft beers. If you feel peckish after shopping, there’s locally sourced burgers from Burgers de Papa, or typical Italian and Corsican dishes at Liberta.



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