Journey into the heart of nature at the Musée Vert of Le Mans

Journey into the heart of nature at the Musée Vert of Le Mans

Take advantage of your stay at the Mans Country Club to visit a museum that is truly unlike any other. Located south-west of Le Mans, the Musée Vert (Green Museum) offers an immersion in the wonders of nature that transports you from prehistoric times to the present day.


A stunning exhibition at the Musée Vert


The Musée Vert, the natural history museum of the city of Le Mans, takes you on a journey into the mysterious distant past courtesy of the Jurassic Sarthe exhibition. The amazing palaeontological treasures on display, as well as meteorites and mineral curiosities, will plunge you into the world of 620 million years ago. You’ll be astounded by the size of some of the fossils, including a giant ammonite and the Saint-Rémy-du-Val elasmosaurid plesiosaur. You’ll never see the Sarthe department in the same way again.


Attractive and educational reconstructions


The Musée Vert also has a space dedicated to the biodiversity of the wild Sarthe. Some 15 lifelike settings invite you to virtually explore the habitats of badgers, owls, foxes and many other animals. From pond and forest to field and barn, around sixty species, some now locally extinct, are represented in recreations of their natural environments with astonishing realism. An experience to delight all ages.


Don’t miss the HerbEnLoire exhibition


Botany is in the spotlight with the HerbEnLoire exhibition, inviting visitors to learn more about the world of plants, their evolution and the conservation of wild flora in the Sarthe. You can choose between a self-guided tour or a fully guided tour to discover botanical watercolours, herbariums and private collections of wood, seeds, bark and fossil plants that will teach you more about the natural heritage of the Pays de la Loire. Please note, this exhibition is scheduled to run only until June 30th, 2020!



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