Gourmet Sarthe is in the spotlight on the Séquoia autumn menu

Gourmet Sarthe is in the spotlight on the Séquoia autumn menu

La Sarthe is a generous land that offers an abundance of top-quality produce. Above all else, the chef of our restaurant Le Séquoia likes to work with the seasonal produce that results from the savoir-faire and passion of our region’s artisans and farmers. You’ll find this love of fine local foodstuffs writ large on his new autumn menu ...


The products of our region

As soon as you’re ready, the chef will awaken your taste buds with Sarthe mozzarella accompanied by tomatoes, feuilles de brick pastry and Grisons meat, with foie gras made at the château or even Sarthois escargot in cromesquis, sublimated by chorizo and mashed potato with garden herbs. For your main course, you may well be torn between the Loué poultry and the Sarthe beef tenderloin. You can also opt for the magnificent platter of local cheeses accompanied by garden salad.


Sublime flavours

From starter to dessert, our chef offers a refined cuisine and a cornucopia of surprising and elegant combinations. So, why not try the union of Grisons meat, foie gras, prawns and lobster that comprises the Land and Sea Salad, and the surprising union of sweetbreads and prawns with lobster sauce and seasonal mushrooms? As to dessert, the airy chocolate mousse presents a pleasing contrast with the ripe sorbet in the Sequoia heart of blackberry, and the raspberry is enhanced by a sweet saffron cream sauce. And surely, you’ll succumb to the sweetness of the pistachio vanilla cream and lemon balm sorbet that enhance the superb strawberry and the crunchiness of the almond biscuit.

For a great family occasion such as a romantic dinner, the restaurant Le Séquoia awaits you in the bucolic setting of your Hotel Le Mans Country Club. Savour our chef's refined creations while gazing out at the centuries-old trees of our country park!



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