Escape to the scenic beauty of the Arche de la Nature

Escape to the scenic beauty of the Arche de la Nature

Your Hotel Le Mans Country Club invites you to enjoy a bucolic experience in the heart of its 22-hectare park in the beautiful countryside close to Le Mans. However, to discover all the natural wonders of this exquisite landscape, we suggest that you also visit the Arche de la Nature forest park, less than a quarter of an hour's drive from your hotel.

500 hectares of unspoiled nature

The Arche de la Nature, 10 minutes from central Le Mans, is a true haven of nature and peace. Striking the perfect balance between activities, education and wildlife conservation, this park offers picturesque scenery and atmospheric landscapes. The vast majority of its spaces are freely accessible, and thematic ‘Maisons’ offer fascinating tours. The Maison de l'Eau, for example, presents the historical heritage of a waterworks as well as a mini hydroelectric power station and an aquarium where you can discover the local fauna. You can also rent bicycles and canoes to continue exploring at your own pace.


A wealth of activities

You can even set off to explore the forest and its groves in a horse-drawn carriage pulled by the famous Percheron breed. Follow a route filled with remarkable trees in the arboretum that was created with the participation of the city’s children more than twenty years ago and try to spot some of the many animals that roam free in this extensive conservation area. What’s more, sports fields, playgrounds and picnic areas are set up for everyone to enjoy. Whether you spend an intense day of discovery or just go to take a little time out amidst nature’s tranquil loveliness, the Arche de la Nature is sure to delight you!

The Mans Country Club teams love to share with you their love for their region and the beauty of its environment. The Arche de la Nature is the ideal place for nature lovers, offering educational experiences amidst a superb unspoiled natural setting.



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