Discovering the Tessé Museum in Le Mans

Discovering the Tessé Museum in Le Mans

Le Mans is a city with a rich historical heritage, as evidenced by its Cathedral Saint-Julien, its remarkably well-preserved Gallo-Roman walls and, above all, its Cité Plantagenêt, the old town that has been used as the backdrop for many a feature film and TV show set in the past. Take advantage of your break at Le Mans Country Club and visit these fascinating places as well as the Musée de Tessé, one of the oldest museums in France.


The Tessé Museum; ancient Egypt reconstructed in France

Le Mans Country Club welcomes you in a magical setting just fifteen minutes from Le Mans. After having lunch or dinner in our prestigious restaurant or perhaps spending a night in our four-star hotel, you will be ready to go exploring. Start with a stroll in the Parc de Tessé and the Quinconces des Jacobins, then visit the Musée de Tessé. Housed in a former episcopal palace, this small museum is famous for its magnificent collections of artefacts from ancient Egypt, numbering more than 250 items. Particularly astonishing are the museum’s two reconstructed sarcophagus chambers. The tombs of Nefertari and Senneser, with the entirety of their funerary furnishings, have been painstakingly and faithfully replicated in the museum’s basement and are a source of fascination for all ages.


A variety of collections in a unique setting

After browsing the Book of the Dead and admiring the various sarcophagi, head upstairs to discover the museum’s art collections. These highlight the Italian Primitives but also some great masters of French painting such as Philippe de Champaigne and Camille Corot. The museum, founded in the aftermath of the French Revolution, regularly hosts temporary exhibitions as well as activities for children based around its collections.

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