Discovering Ancient Egypt

Discovering Ancient Egypt

In this month of March, Hotel Le Mans Country Club invites you on a fascinating journey into history at the heart of Le Mans. The Tessé Museum, in the immediate vicinity of our establishment, offers a unique immersive experience into ancient Egypt. Discover how our hotel becomes the ideal starting point for a cultural getaway to explore the mysteries of ancient Egyptian civilization.


Gateway to Ancient Egypt

The Tessé Museum transforms into an open window to ancient Egypt, transporting visitors through time. The exceptional collections, well-preserved artifacts, and immersive exhibitions bring to life the grandeur of this millennia-old civilization. Just minutes from Hotel Le Mans Country Club, history and culture enthusiasts can delve into the art, religion, and daily life of ancient Egypt.


An Enriching Visit Near the Hotel

Take advantage of Hotel Le Mans Country Club's proximity to the Tessé Museum to organize an enriching visit. After a day of exploration, retreat to the comfort of our establishment, nestled in a green and peaceful setting. Our elegant rooms and quality facilities provide the ideal refuge to relax after a captivating immersion into ancient Egypt. A cultural experience that perfectly complements the luxury of our hotel.

In March, Hotel Le Mans Country Club celebrates the cultural richness of Le Mans by highlighting the immersive visit to ancient Egypt offered by the Tessé Museum. Whether you are passionate about history or simply eager for discoveries, our establishment stands as the privileged address to combine a cultural getaway with a refined stay. Book now and let yourself be captivated by the fascinating legacy of ancient Egypt, just steps away from Hotel Le Mans Country Club.


Musée de Tessé

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