All the flavours of the Sequoia are available via our takeaway service

All the flavours of the Sequoia are available via our takeaway service

Like all restaurants, the Sequoia at your Hotel Le Mans Country Club has had to close its dining space. However, you can continue to discover its delicious gourmet creations thanks to our room service and takeaway service. Here's something to make your mouth water...


Our takeaway packages

Fancy a romantic dinner in your room? A gourmet meal elsewhere? Tempting and tasty sandwiches for your business meeting? Discover the menu of our takeaway service. In a lunch pack with sandwiches, crisps, homemade desserts, sweets and drinks, as a starter, main course, dessert with or without cheese, or à la carte, you can enjoy your meals at your convenience. This service is, of course, available to our guests, but we are also offering it to our neighbours and to anyone who happens to be visiting our beautiful part of the country.


The best of the season

What could be more comforting in these troubled times than a delicious gourmet dish? As the trees lose their leaves, the weather grows chilly and the latest quarantine lockdown limits life’s options, why not indulge yourself with a ceps soup, a fricassee of escargot, a homemade foie gras or perhaps a lobster casserole? Beef tenderloin, sweetbreads, pork jowls or a duo of quail and guinea fowl will follow, without forgetting the bounteous flavours of the sea with the catch of the day, the land and sea salad or the papillote. To top it all off in style, sweet delicacies await to tempt you into indulging in dessert. And, of course, our sommelier remains ready to guide you through our wine list.

Simply place your order by phone, email, or at reception and make yourself comfortable in readiness for savouring the creations of the Séquoia restaurant at your Le Mans Country Club!



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