Activities around the hotel

Activities around the hotel

Sporting activities:

Cultural activities:

  • L'Arche de la nature, click here for more information
  • Papéa Parc - 35 attractions, click here for more information
  • Le Mans Old Town Quarter. Dotting the former capital of Maine County are myriad architectural jewels dating back to the Plantangenet Period. Among them include City Hall, whose walls and windows once formed the private residences of Plantangenet counts and sovereign rulers, the Saint Pierre-la-Cour stately chapel, once the place of worship for Maine Province’s counts, the cathedral’s nave, Saint-Pierre-de-la-Couture Abbey…
  • L'Abbaye de L'Epau

We highly recommend meandering in and out of the city streets only to discover the wealth of cobblestone stairwells, timber-framed homes, private mansions, squares, churches and 7,000-year-old standing stones.

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