A walk in the heart of the Cité Plantagênet

A walk in the heart of the Cité Plantagênet

A peaceful city situated in the heart of splendid countryside, Le Mans also boasts an artistic, cultural and historical treasure: the Cité Plantagênet. During your stay at the Hotel Le Mans Country Club, take the time to explore the charming streets of this ancient city centre…


A beautiful look into the past

Not far from the banks of the Sarthe, protected by thick Gallo-Roman walls, the heart of the city of Le Mans seems to be forgotten by time. Here, you can wander a maze of picturesque streets lined with half-timbered houses that will take you back to the Middle Ages. Step around a corner and come upon magnificent Renaissance mansions such as those which today house the Museum of Queen Bérengère. Admire the superb Saint-Julien Cathedral and its combination of Romanesque and Gothic art. Everything speaks of the history of the city that was for a long time the capital, along with Angers, of the Plantagenet dynasty and its famous sovereigns such as Henry II and his son Richard the Lionheart.


Explore the Cité Plantagenêt at your own pace

History buffs can happily immerse themselves in visiting the city's various monuments, such as the Palais des Comtes du Maine. If you like cinema, and particularly swashbuckler films, you will certainly recognise various views and backdrops from scenes that were shot here! The peaceful streets, home to all kinds of intriguing boutiques and concept-shops, lend themselves perfectly to a relaxing stroll. And don't forget that all summer long, the Cité Plantagenêt is ablaze with the light and colour of the Night of the Chimeras, projected on the ancient facades.


Le Mans has an architectural and historical heritage which has earned it the label Ville d’Art et d’Histoire and consideration as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. During your stay at the Hotel Le Mans Country Club, be sure to explore these uniquely charming streets.



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