A visit to the zoo

A visit to the zoo

With its beautiful old town centre, charming countryside threaded by hiking trails and surroundings offering many attractions, the most famous of which is undoubtedly the 24 Hours of Le Mans motor racing circuit, Le Mans is an ideal holiday destination for all the family. While staying at your Hotel Le Mans Country Club, you can also explore the region's zoos.


The Zoo de la Flèche: a star among zoos

Known throughout the country thanks to the television programme featuring it, the Zoo de la Flèche is one of the largest in France. Less than an hour's drive from your Hotel Le Mans Country Club, the 18 hectares of this exceptional zoological park await you and your family. Here you can see rare species from all over the world, such as the white tiger and the jaguarundi, as well as attend feeding and medical training events and the famous sea lion and bird shows. Spend a day or two there and discover the wondrous world of animals.


Spaycific: a haven for nature

The Spaycific’Zoo park is located about twenty minutes away by car from your Hotel Le Mans Country Club. This beautiful park, which opened thirty years ago, focusses on nature and the desire to share a passion for animals with children. You are sure to be surprised and delighted by the scenery. The zoo has chosen to preserve the original environment of the site. That means you can enjoy the sight of animals roaming in the tall grasses and among the trees, frolicking in the rivers and natural ponds, all adding to a serene and unspoiled atmosphere. Spaycific’Zoo is particularly family-friendly, offering plenty for your young ones to see and do, including getting up-close and personal with the animals.

The Sarthe is a destination full of surprises. Its cultural and culinary, historical and architectural heritage, as well as its zoological parks, will make your holiday at the Hotel Le Mans Country Club one to remember.



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