A trip back in time; discovering the Gallo-Roman walls of Le Mans

A trip back in time; discovering the Gallo-Roman walls of Le Mans

Your Hotel Le Mans Country Club invites you to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing break in the beautiful natural surroundings of the Sarthe region. However, although the countryside is wonderful, it would be a shame not to spend a few hours exploring the attractions of Le Mans, including its famous Gallo-Roman wall.


Particularly well-preserved Gallo-Roman remains

Le Mans prides itself on having one of the best-preserved city walls dating from Roman times to be found anywhere. Of the 1,300 metres of wall that originally surrounded the city, dating from the third and early fourth centuries A.D., more than 500 metres remain today in marvellous condition and archaeologists have studied it in its entirety, right down to below ground level. In places more than 4 metres wide at the base, the wall is further distinguished by its remarkable geometric decorations and the lovely hues of its ochre sandstone held together by pink mortar.


Discovering the Gallo-Roman wall

The Gallo-Roman wall of Le Mans holds delightful surprises. At its foot you can find beautiful gardens of contemporary inspiration that provide great places to take a stroll. The posterns that punctuate the wall allow access to the medieval streets of the city, the famous Cité Plantagenêt, currently awaiting classification on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Finally, as well as admiring the more than two dozen towers that dot the walls, you can find many fascinating architectural details such as pediment pieces and antique columns that were repurposed for the construction.

To visit Le Mans is to immerse yourself in history but the ancient monuments also fit comfortably into a city full of life and entertainment, a place that’s fun to spend time in and explore. It’s all just twenty minutes from your Hotel Le Mans Country Club. Don’t miss it!



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