A new art gallery in the historic heart of Le Mans: l'Ephémère

A new art gallery in the historic heart of Le Mans: l'Ephémère

The Hotel Le Mans Country Club loves to share its favourites and discoveries with you. The latest is a new art gallery nestled in one of the picturesque, cobbled streets of the Cité Plantagenêt: l'Ephémère. Check it out during your next stroll around the city’s historic heart!


The Ephémère Gallery: the realisation of a dream

The people behind this new gallery are two art enthusiasts, Pierre-Yves Paulin and Frédéric Boutard. Fascinated by the Cité Plantagenêt old town of Le Mans and its ancient streets steeped in history, they noticed an abandoned building: 59 Grand Rue. Rescued and renovated, the place is now brimming with charm and appreciated by its neighbours, providing an essential showcase for the works of local and regional artists. But a particular source of pride for the owners is that they have created a haven where art enthusiasts and neophytes alike are made to feel welcome...


The beginning of a long story...

To launch this adventure in style, Pierre-Yves and Frédéric offered their space to Karine Le Gourrierec, a Le Mans creative who has dedicated herself to art since her high school years. Her series of portraits, drawings resembling street art, is characterised as much by the delicacy of the line as by the intensity of the emotions it expresses. According to the two gallery owners, it’s an artistic language that speaks to all generations. Following this exhibition, the Galerie L'Ephémère will host the works of a local sculptor.

Situated about twenty minutes from your Hotel Le Mans Country Club, the Cité Plantagenêt, heart of old Le Mans, is an exceptional place for the beauty of its venerable buildings and the welcoming and serene ambiance of its streets and squares. And, of course, it’s also host to the wonderful Galerie L'Ephémère...



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