A bucolic getaway at the Arche de la Nature

A bucolic getaway at the Arche de la Nature

The Hotel Le Mans Country Club, situated in a beautiful wooded park, invites you to enjoy a tranquil break close to nature, where you can relax and rejuvenate with your partner or family. To make your stay in the countryside around Le Mans complete, take a trip to the Arche de la Nature (Ark of Nature), just a few kilometres from the hotel.


The many facets of the Arche de la Nature

The Sarthe boasts remarkable natural landscapes. You will find beautiful examples of these on the 450 hectares of the Arche de la Nature, a glorious nature park organised around three centres. The House of Water tells you all about water treatment and the rivers and marshes of the Huisne, a tributary of the Sarthe, including the traditional activities and artefacts linked to it, such as water wheels. The House of the Forest and the Prairie Farm also offer information about various fauna, flora and activities. Informative, fun and romantic, these can all be explored at your own pace.


Numerous activities and workshops

Our Le Mans Country Club team strongly advises you to consult the Arche de la Nature website before your visit to discover the various activities and workshops offered. The workshops deal with such subjects as amphibians, gathering and cooking wild plants, and an introduction to beekeeping. Finally, don’t miss the April 21st Easter Egg Hunt, the Saint Honoré Bread and Cereals Festival on May 19th, and the Little Beasts Festival which, on June 2nd, will help you understand spiders, beetles and the other unjustly vilified creatures with whom we share our planet.

Enjoy a nature-filled stay in Sarthe by booking a room in the magnificent 17th century chateau of your Hotel Le Mans Country Club and spending a day at the Arche de la Nature.


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